Luna Optics Image Intensifiers Binoculars





State of the art Generation-2+ night vision

Shock-resistant and waterproof body

High-quality tube and multi-element optics with super close focusing

Light protection sensor and automatic gain control

Built-in two IR illuminators (805nm and 860nm)

Comfortable head mask with flip-up feature is included

Luna Optics LN-EBG1 Goggles  
Brand-New Professional bi-ocular/ goggles built on the most proven platform feature top grade intensifier tube and complex optical system in each ocular to provide beautiful images with edge-to-edge clarity.  Super close focusing mechanism allows comfortable reading in total darkness. 

LN-EBG1 comes with an array of advanced features, such as dual IR illuminators (one 860nm for close-distance reading and one 805nm focusable IR for distances up to 30m (100ft) with either constant ON switch or momentary ON button); automatic gain control and light protection sensor to ensure eyes protection when accidentally exposed to the bright light.  Unit also features a built-in dehydrator cartridge to remove moisture in the event of depressurization.

Included are comfortable head-mask with chin retention and a padded multi-compartment carry case.  Unit can be equipped with extended range LED or laser IR illuminators (models LN-EIR1 or LN-ELIR1) and optional 4x (f1.5/100mm) or 7x (f1.8/165mm) magnification lens for viewing distances of up to 700m (2,282ft).


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Luna Optics LN-NVB Product Sheet



Technology: Top Grade, Hi-Resolution Generation-2+

Luminous Sensitivity: 350µA/lm

Image Resolution: 45lp/mm

Magnification: 1x (4x, 7x optional)

Field of View: 50° (4x - 12°; 7x - 6.5°)

Objective Lens: f1.1/26mm (f1.5/100mm, f1.8/165mm optional)

Focusing Distance, 1x: 25cm (0.8ft) to infinity

Viewing Distance: 200m(652ft)
(4x – 500m(1.630ft) (7x – 700m (2,282ft))

Dimensions, 1x: 170mm x 139mm x 64mm

Weight, 1x: 570g (1.25lbs)

Power: 2xAA Type

Operating time, without IR: 60 hrs

Warranty: 2 years (Tube – 1 year)


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