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Proprietary GENESIS Hybrid Thermal Core with Industry-First Image Detail Enhancement with Manual DSP removes the barriers between 384 and 640 resolution thermal sensors


Industry-First Super Controller allows instant multiple image adjustments without having to access complicated menus


• Industry-First User Programmable Button


Ultra-High resolution 1,024 x 678 micro-OLED image display


Shutter-Free & NUC-Free Technology allows seamless operation day or night


On-board Solid Drive Video Recording with Quick Start and Battery Save mode


Detection range 2,000m (2,180yds) (O-40)
2,800m (3,052yds) (O-55) paired with high quality
.0 daytime scope at 6x magnification


Ability to identify targets at up to 12x image magnification (daytime scope dependent)


Recoil resistant on up to .300WIN magnum caliber


10 color palettes, each with polarity image inversion


Super Contrast mode for instant true heat signature detection


Ability to pair the clip-on with up to 5 different weapons with quick settings recall via menu and convenient on-screen table to instantly check for deviation if it's necessary to remove the clip-on from the weapon


Automatic Bad Pixel Correction mode


Direct Picatinny attachment via included mount


Eyeshade style suction-cup for direct connection to daytime host scope


Direct attachment eyepiece available – turns the clip-on into a thermal spotting scope/monocular




Color Palette



O-40 Battery Power
Consumption Chart


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