Compact Body style!
  Excellent built-in quality and craftsmanship.
  All-aluminum weather-resistant body.
  High-quality all-glass optics.
  Built-in IR illuminator and light protection sensor.
  Close focusing system and wide field of view.


Reviewed by Brian Truitt
June 6, 2010


Great gift ideas for DADS and GRADS...
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Reviewed by Mathew Honan  
March 16, 2010


Rugged Night-Vision Specs See Through the Muddiest Dark...
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Reviewed by Ken Scurry (Scurry Outdoors South)
July 28, 2010

"I wanted to commend  Luna Optics on a couple of your products..."
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One of the most compact and lightweight binoculars that features all-aluminum body, our brand-new PB3 are sturdy, made from all-aluminum and feature high-quality all-glass optics with multicoated lenses and multi-lens elements to provide best possible image under any light conditions. The PB3 also features super-close, for a night vision binocular, minimum focusing distance – at just over 6 feet you can now focus at the objects nearby. Built-in IR illuminator allows for use in total darkness. Built-in light sensor protects the unit from exposing the sensitive internal components to the bright light. Accessorize your PB3 with optional Extended Range IR Illuminator.

Intensifier Tube: Top Grade, Hi Resolution Generation-1

Magnification: 3.0x

Objective Lens: 50mm

Field of View: 20 degrees

Focusing Distance: 2m (6.5ft) - infinity

Viewing Distance: 300m (978ft)

Dimensions: 165mm x 115mm x 56mm

Weight: 760g (1.68 lbs)

Power: 2xLR1 type (N-size)

Operating Time: 30 hrs

Warranty: 1 year



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